Two Crucial Selling Factors on the West Coast

If you're looking to sell a home on the West Coast, the staging of your property and the condition that it's in are both very important factors.

I had a home in Bethany that sat on the market for a while. It had lots of showings but no offers, which told us that a lot of people liked the home but weren't willing to buy it. The biggest problem with this property was the condition and the staging.

We came in and noticed some pet odors, as well as some issues with the curb appeal. We had the client clean the carpets to get rid of the smells as well as put some money into the landscaping.

Once we did that, we sold the home in less than 24 hours with multiple offers!

This is why it's so crucial to stage your home and ensure that it's in good condition. We can spend a lot of money marketing your home, but if it's not clean and organized when people see it, it's not going to sell.

We have a lot of tips on staging your property and decluttering it before a showing, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions!

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