Is Winter a Good Time to Sell on the West Coast?

Is winter a good time to sell your home? Typically, in the Northwest area, winter is a great time to sell! There are a few reasons why.

  • There is a lack of inventory available for sale this time of year. Many sellers remove their listing because they think holidays get in the way of selling their home. This is simply not true. In the Northwest metro markets, including Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle, 32% of homes available for sale come off the market in the winter. That means less competition for sellers.
  • When there is less inventory available, buyers typically have to pay more for the homes they can get. This means sellers can get more money for their homes this time of year.
  • Prospective buyers in the winter are more serious. They need to purchase a home quickly, and they will negotiate with you in order to make it to the closing table. For instance, they might have been transferred to a new location for their jobs and need to find a new home fast.

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